Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Natural Hair Care With Home Made Therapies

So many people have hair problem, here are some natural hair treatment. with these treatment (Therapies) your hair problem will be reduce.

1. Gram flour and Coconut oil

For dry hair problem, coconut oil and gram flour is the best treatment. Take coconut oil and gram flour and mix well and make a paste. Apply it onto your scalp and on the hair. Do massage for few minutes and allow it to remain on your scalp for at least few minutes. Do this procedure one time in a week and go for it at least for several weeks. At the end you will get a nourished and smooth hair. It will help to cure your dandruff problem, too.

2. Banyan tree root and Lemon juice

 Falling of hair can be creating problem in your life. If you want to get rid of this problem, then you have to try this. First of all take some banyan tree root and lemon juice. Mix it well and make a paste. Now apply it on your hair. After that wash your hair and put the coconut oil into your hair. Doing the procedure several times in a month, you will be seen that your hair is growing. Your hair fall problem will be dissolve, too.

More natural home remedies

  • Aging sign, hands place aging signs first than the other parts of the body. For that take lemon and rube it on your hands. It will aid you to hide any flaws; therefore, it should be treated perfectly.   

  • For whitening the nails, lemon is useful. You can do this pedicure or manicure at your home easily. For that take some lemon juice in one container and keep your feet or hands in it for few minutes. Ir resulted fresh and clear feet and hands.

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  1. It is good information i want to get rid of the hair fall so i will try.